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What’s the Difference Between an Event Coordinator vs. a Venue Coordinator?

Planning a wedding can be exciting and stressful all at the same time.  You have a specific vision of your “perfect” day and it starts with finding the right venue.  One question I get a lot as a Venue Coordinator is “will you assist planning and the coordinating my wedding?” There seems to be confusion on what is a “Venue Coordinator” and what is an “Event Coordinator”.  Are they the same? Are they different?

Let me start with the Venue Coordinator.  A better name for this role is a Venue Host.  While we can make recommendations based on what we’ve seen that works or doesn’t work from previous weddings, we are not necessarily event coordinators.  We represent the venue.  We know the venue and can assist you with figuring out how to work the mechanics of the venue; setting up the tables and chairs; restocking paper goods; ensuring the venue is cleaned and trash cans are stocked with bags; assist fellow vendors with where to set up.  Basically, we are there to assist with anything venue related.  

The Event Coordinator is there to assist the bride and groom with all of your details to make it an even more enjoyable day. They have different levels to choose from – from Day 1 to plan your whole wedding; 3-6 months out; or day of only. They can assist you with all the details, or last-minute details, including following up with your vendors and assisting them with set up.  They assist you with getting you down the aisle and the different activities of your reception.  They work with the venue coordinator as well as the other vendors of your wedding so that you can focus on the actual day and enjoy it.

While these two positions work hand in hand and help make your day smoother, they are two different positions. Some venues offer an onsite day of coordinator, while others do not.  However, even if the venue doesn’t have an onsite event coordinator, we can give you recommendations of ones that we’ve partnered with for other weddings or met through various networking events. We can also make sure that one is available, upon request.

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